Sick And Tired Of Being Interactive The Old Way?

interactive content is what drives people to engage and participate in what you’re delivering to them thus increasing the chance of converting them from total strangers to buying customers. Interacting with your audience is essential for boosting sales as they won’t convert if they get bored with what they’re seeing.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” – Maya Angelou

Interactive content is the key to higher conversion rates. People won’t buy from you if you don’t grab their attention and build trust with them.

  • Interactive content could be quizzes, a field for newsletter subscriptions, contact forms or even a simple question asked after a short video posted on a social media channel.
  • Most users nowadays are very hard to catch, so if you do capture their attention in 2 seconds, consider them gone.
  • People scrolling through social media usually love to feel they’re a part of something, and that is where your interactive content comes in.
  • If you are able to make your customer engage, it’s a guarantee that your sales are going to get a boost. 
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Best Email Marketing Engagement Tips You Will Read This Year

Email marketing is one of the most left-out gems nowadays when growing a business due to the misconception that it doesn’t work anymore. Email marketing has numerous advantages as it’s targeted, measurable and cost-effective. You can even engage effectively with your customers through email, either to ask questions, do A/B testing or remind them about your offers and discounts.

“If Social Media is the cocktail party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1 to 1 channel.” Erik Harbison

Always use email marketing because it’s essential for growth through asking for answers on specific topics you want to know from your target audience and boosting sales through reminding them of your deals easily and directly that doesn’t take much time and effort to do.

  • Email marketing is a targeted strategy as the emails you’re sending out are of the demographics and interest you’re choosing.
  • It is cost-effective as its ROI is much higher than other marketing strategies as it doesn’t need ad space, printing, or advertising rates.
  • According to the Direct Marketing Association: for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get $40 in return.
  • It is easily measurable as you can know how much progress you’re achieving through checking the insights like bounce rate, open rate, and click-through rate.
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Don’t Waste Your Time! Start A/B Testing Right Away

A/B testing is essential in eliminating doubts between two ad formats, designs, headlines, and identity colors. You simply run the two formats you’re confused between each to a specific number of audiences for a specific amount of time and monitor the results and impressions at the end. Whichever format results in higher positive impressions is the one you’ll choose permanently.

“In principle, more analytic power can be achieved by varying multiple things at once in an uncorrelated (random) way and doing standard analysis, such as multiple linear regression. In practice, though, A/B testing is widely used, because A/B tests are easy to deploy, easy to understand, and easy to explain to management.”

― Christopher D. Manning, Introduction to Information Retrieval

Anytime you’re lost between two things on what will be the best fit for your audience, apply A/B testing as it is the simplest yet most efficient way to solve your problem. Simply apply both, each for a group of people for a certain amount of time, and check your results for the answer.

  • A/B testing is essential for business growth as it clears out the doubts on what suits your audience.
  • Don’t underestimate the effect of A/B testing as it is the simplest way to show what attracts your audience the most.
  • This strategy has proven effective for fast business growth.
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You Will Thank Us – Start Your Giveaways Now, Your Growth Shortcut

The Majority of humans tend to urge for free stuff and that is one opportunity you should take full advantage of. One example of a business taking advantage of this is Costco, which is well-known for distributing free snacks along with their products, which has placed it as the second-biggest retailer in America after Walmart.

“I think always, when you have a candidate promising free stuff, and another promising less stuff or nothing, the one who promises more is always going to have the advantage.” John Fleming

Launch a giveaway with a clear strategy to limit losses. Promote it in various ways, could be on your partner’s posts or in your follower’s stories if you promise them a free service or offer for a shoutout.

  • Giveaways are a shortcut to increase your reach and drive them to your channel.
  • Start a giveaway with a plan on how and where to promote it.
  • Promise any account with suitable followers a free service if he shoutouts your giveaway.
  • Growing an account in a short period of time is done by taking advantage of opportunities, so be on the lookout for them and don’t miss any.
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Take Advantage of Partnership As They’re A Key To Business Growth

This is one of the most efficient growth hacks for entrepreneurs and business owners. A partnership is simply joining forces to excel. For example, if you have 2,000 followers and another business in a related field has 3,000 followers, partnering up will help increase both businesses’ reach to 5,000.

“According to Bain & Company, a 5 percent increase in customer retention can mean a 30 percent increase in profitability for a company.” said  Ryan Holiday in his famous book “Growth Hacker Marketing”

Partnering with other businesses in a related field is one of the fastest ways to grow. Communicate with another entrepreneur or business owner with a convincing proposal to collaborate to boost both businesses.

  • When searching for partners, avoid direct competitors.
  • Search for businesses related to your product/service and propose an offer to unite what you both provide to offer bigger value and for a wider audience.
  • Contact potential partners professionally with a phone call or an email.
  • Partnerships could be by making packages, sharing each other’s posts, or simply tagging one another.
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The Correct Way To Success: Excel In Unpopular Channels

The industry you’re in might be too competitive to succeed in and have a noticeable brand in, thus competing on famous social media channels like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook isn’t an option. The solution here is by starting to build awareness on smaller social networks that you can gather an audience on and shift them to your website.

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” – Richard Branson

If your field is way too competitive to grow your business in, start low with unfamiliar social media channels and grow from there.

  • Look for opportunities your competitors aren’t seeing.
  • Building awareness isn’t necessarily related to starting from famous networks.
  • Start low and scale up gradually.
  • Build a community from unknown social networks and shift them to your website and other channels.
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The 80-20 Rule Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business

The 80-20 rule, or the Pareto principle, simply states that 80% of consequences come from 20% of your causes. In other words, see what specific tasks bring you your desired results and focus your results on them. For example, if you allocate 1 hour daily for social media engagements and 1 hour for sending emails to potential leads, and at the end of the day,, you notice that you’ve got no response from anyone on social media but you got 2 replies on your email, then shift your efforts to email marketing instead.

“Those who seize the day become seriously rich.” As said by Richard Koch.

Always check what tasks are bringing you the results and shift your focus and efforts on them.

  • Avoid wasting time on tasks that don’t bring results.
  • Focus your productivity and time on tasks that work.
  • Most of your conversions might be from simple tasks you’re doing.
  • Working hard doesn’t mean you’re being successful, it’s working smart that matters.
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If You Are Not doing a Time Audit, You’re Failing At Time Management

If You Are Not doing a Time Audit, You’re Failing At Time Management

Numerous business owners and entrepreneurs underestimate a lot of their tasks thinking it won’t need much time thus allocating less time than it needs. For example, one of the tasks might be writing an email so you’ll say it’s super easy and it won’t take more than 5 minutes, but it needs research on what to write, to whom, and with what tool will take around 30 minutes at least.

“Either run the day or the day runs you.” Jim Rohn said. 

Most humans are bad at estimating how much a task needs to be done so they underestimate it. Don’t waste your time and productivity and do your research on every single task.

  • Audit how much a task needs time to be done.
  • Allocating less time than what a task need will fail your schedule.
  • Every task needs a specific time to be done, research it for better time management.
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Do You Need To Focus On One Task At A Time To Be A Good Marketer?

There’s a large misconception that multitasking is always beneficial for a business as it means finishing more tasks in less time, but the truth is that tackling multiple tasks at once is a big waste of time as recent studies by neuroscientists show that we can’t focus on more than one thing at a time.

“People can’t multitask very well, and when people say they can, they’re deluding themselves,” Neuroscientist Earl Miller says.

Multitasking does not work if you’re aiming for a successful business as you’ll be wasting time. Focus your whole efforts on one task at a time as that is the most efficient way to work.

  • Cramming up tasks at once will lead to failure.
  • It is said that humans can’t focus very well on more than one task at once.
  • Finish one full task alone before moving on to the next one.
  • Don’t waste your time and effort by being delusional that multitasking is a shortcut for success.
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Imagine You Set Goals And Prioritize Them Like An Expert

Setting measurable goals helps in measuring the success of your work and effectively tracking the progress you’re making. This way, if something unexpected comes up during your day, you know you have finished the most essential tasks, and the less important ones are left.

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” Earl Nightingale.

One way to avoid putting your productivity in the wrong place is by putting in daily goals and prioritizing them.

  • Always have goals prioritized according to importance.
  • Complete crucial goals first then proceed with less important ones accordingly.
  • Having a daily work plan allows you to track your progress.
  • Setting measurable goals is key for reaching desired results.
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