A/B testing is essential in eliminating doubts between two ad formats, designs, headlines, and identity colors. You simply run the two formats you’re confused between each to a specific number of audiences for a specific amount of time and monitor the results and impressions at the end. Whichever format results in higher positive impressions is the one you’ll choose permanently.

“In principle, more analytic power can be achieved by varying multiple things at once in an uncorrelated (random) way and doing standard analysis, such as multiple linear regression. In practice, though, A/B testing is widely used, because A/B tests are easy to deploy, easy to understand, and easy to explain to management.”

― Christopher D. Manning, Introduction to Information Retrieval

Anytime you’re lost between two things on what will be the best fit for your audience, apply A/B testing as it is the simplest yet most efficient way to solve your problem. Simply apply both, each for a group of people for a certain amount of time, and check your results for the answer.

  • A/B testing is essential for business growth as it clears out the doubts on what suits your audience.
  • Don’t underestimate the effect of A/B testing as it is the simplest way to show what attracts your audience the most.
  • This strategy has proven effective for fast business growth.