The Majority of humans tend to urge for free stuff and that is one opportunity you should take full advantage of. One example of a business taking advantage of this is Costco, which is well-known for distributing free snacks along with their products, which has placed it as the second-biggest retailer in America after Walmart.

“I think always, when you have a candidate promising free stuff, and another promising less stuff or nothing, the one who promises more is always going to have the advantage.” John Fleming

Launch a giveaway with a clear strategy to limit losses. Promote it in various ways, could be on your partner’s posts or in your follower’s stories if you promise them a free service or offer for a shoutout.

  • Giveaways are a shortcut to increase your reach and drive them to your channel.
  • Start a giveaway with a plan on how and where to promote it.
  • Promise any account with suitable followers a free service if he shoutouts your giveaway.
  • Growing an account in a short period of time is done by taking advantage of opportunities, so be on the lookout for them and don’t miss any.